Your Questions

We hope this page can help answer some of the questions you may have, but if not, then we would love to hear from you! Contact us and let us know how we can help you.

1. What is the difference between taking a  course that is regulated by OFQUAL and one that is accredited by any other company in the UK or an overseas training company?

When you take a course you want to have a certificate that will see you through the whole of your career without having to upgrade that certificate at a later date.  Regulations or council requirements change often and it can affect your ability to get a licence or insurance if you do not have the correct certificate. If you take a regulated course that bears the OFQUAL logo on the certificate, then you will never have to upgrade that certificate, it will be accepted by all insurances, councils for licencing and your employer.

If however you opt to take a course that is accredited for example by a non-awarding body, like a beauty insurance company, or a private training company, it is not a regulated certificate and does not offer the above assurances, and most probably you will have to upgrade it by taking a regulated course at some point to satisfy authorities at extra cost to yourselves.

We recommend that all students get the regulated certificate first, for example, Level 4 micropigmentation and then take unregulated courses to perfect your skills if you wish to become an expert in your field.  You will never see a medical professional start their career on accreditation, it has to be regulated certificates in order to be taken seriously in any service profession. Think about it!

2. What is an awarding body?

An awarding body is a business that is approved by the UK Government to award certificates via regulated training providers such as ourselves. Approved centres have to work to a high standard, trainers have to be qualified to teach and assess.

Some overseas students struggle to understand why they should opt for a regulated certificated course when it means nothing in their country… When you are in an overseas territory and you present a certificate that has the OFQUAL logo on it, the authorities in that country have a way of checking to make sure you have attended the course and passed. They do not if the certificate is not regulated. Sooner or later regulation will come to your country and you need to be ready so it does not affect your business because you have unrecognised certificates.

3. How long is the course?

A lot of the theory work we try to help the student complete at home with guided learning via support systems in place as we know you are busy people. The actual practical time in the clinic will depend on the course.  Your tutor will advise you at the time of enrolment how long you need to be in our centres.

4. Do you have any payment plans? Only available in the UK and USA.

We are now an approved representative and registered with the FSA to offer finance via our finance partners. You can now spread the payments and not get left behind

We also offer private payment plans, please discuss this with us at the time you wish to book your course

We also accept credit cards if you prefer. Please ask us to help you at the time of enrolment.

5. When will I receive my certificate? 

As soon as you complete your course and you are signed off by the assessor and IQA, you should receive your certificate a few weeks later.

6. What’s in my kit?

In all kits, we provide enough to get you through your course and beyond. The only thing you will need to replenish is the consumables once your course is over.

7. How long have I got to complete?

We offer students 6 months to get through their course because this is a skill-based industry we do not recommend taking over 6 months to keep your skill sharp and knowledge on point.

8. How can I get insurance to do my case studies?

In most cases if you do not charge for a service you do not need insurance, just waiver forms, but most companies will not insure you until you have received your certificate

9. How do I enrol?

Purchase the course in our shop and then we will send you the password to enrol and register.

10. What happens if I do not feel confident when I complete the course?

We offer “support until you do not need us guarantee”,  so you can either resit the course for free, but you will need to maybe travel to do this, or we can support you online through our group chats and Facebook groups to help you through and get your feeling great again about your new skills.

11. How experienced are the trainers?

All of our trainers are qualified assessors and all have been trained in the courses that they are offering on their centres and all hold Level 4 in all regulated courses. years of combined experience brings excellent tuition.

12. How do I become a centre? I’m interested in becoming a trainer and a part of Advanced Aesthetics International?

We are always looking for talented therapists that we can help turn into qualified trainers. If you have your own salon or clinic, have a lot of enthusiasm, motivation and patience to help others, skilled up to Level 3 and 4 in the courses we are offering then we would love to hear from you.

13. I have a foreign certificate that I need to change to a UK one, can you help?

In most cases yes, we can help you upgrade through a procedure called RPL – Relevant prior learning. You have to show us evidence that you are already qualified in order to change your certificate.

14. What if I do not have the required entry-level? 

In most cases, contact us as we can offer different solutions to you.

15. What are levels and what do they represent?

Level 4-First year foundation degree
Level 5-Second year foundation degree
Level 6-Graduate level /third-year degree
Level 7-Postgraduate level e.g Medical degree/nursing degree