Dermatherapy & Mesotherapy Course

Course Area: Dermatherapy and Mesotherapy
Course Level: company
Course Duration: 1 day in clinic guided learning, pre-study, and home study.
Course Code: Private Certificate
Entry Level Requirement: Level 3 or equivalent
When does this course run? This course runs every week throughout all centers.
Maximum Class Size:1 or 2 students training. Dates are conveniently arranged between you and your tutor at the time of booking and can be offered for holidays and weekends by request.

Dermatherapy is becoming a very popular treatment for skin rejuvenation and scar reduction. We show you how to successfully treat and rejuvenate the skin, treating lines and wrinkles by inducing collagen.

The course includes the Hydurage Dermatherapy pen and mesotherapy kit and needles

The mesotherapy part of the course is taught using different techniques,stamping & injection of a cocktail of vitamins to rejuvenate visibly, lighten, and tighten the skin.

To attend this course, you should already be a level 3 or be equivalent. The course covers

  • Health & Safety – UK Standards, Licences & laws
  • Consultation Techniques
  • Anatomy of Skin
  • Dermatherapy
  • Mesotherapy

Yes, this course is eligible for either finance or payment plan – Contact us for more details.