Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


If you already have qualifications or evidence of prior learning, you may receive recognition and thereby gain credit for similar areas of study in the course you are enrolling on.  This is known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

You may apply for RPL by presenting evidence to ADVANCED AESTHETICS INTERNATIONAL Ltd of how learning outcomes from earlier qualifications and/or relevant experience match those in your current course.

There are various ways in which the evidence may be represented.  This may include previous certifications, a one-to-one discussion, witness testimony, a practical skills test or a combination of these.

Applying for RPL is a voluntary process and as part of our commitment to quality assurance ADVANCED AESTHETICS INTERNATIONAL Ltd seeks to provide learners with guidance and support to help them achieve their learning and development goals whilst meeting regulatory requirements.

Any decision regarding RPL by ADVANCED AESTHETICS INTERNATIONAL Ltd must be verified by our awarding body.  The process of RPL will have the same monitoring and quality checks as any other form of assessment (tests, observations etc), by both ADVANCED AESTHETICS INTERNATIONAL Ltd and the awarding body.

If you receive a unit through RPL it will have the same recognition as a unit achieved as part of a study programme.  RPL can be used for any QCF unit unless the assessment requirements for the unit do not facilitate this, providing you have suitable evidence that relates to the area of learning

Policy Statement

ADVANCED AESTHETICS INTERNATIONAL Ltd recognises that knowledge and skills may be acquired from a wide range of learning experiences, both formal and informal.  RPL can save time and money and can prevent learners from having to duplicate learning.  Learners may be able to demonstrate the requirements of a unit through current knowledge and understanding, and by practical skills they already possess.

RPL must show that all learning outcomes of a unit or qualification have been met before accreditation may be granted.

Evidence of learning must be deemed to be current, valid and reliable.

Key Points Relating to RPL

RPL is a valid method of enabling individuals to claim credit for units, regardless of how their learning was achieved.

RPL tends to occur mainly around enrolment time, though it can occur at any point during training should it become evident that assessment for relevant prior learning may be appropriate.

RPL can be used where a learner has not had their prior learning formally recognised.

Our RPL process, and decisions arising from the process should be transparent, rigorous, reliable, fair and accessible.

RPL is a voluntary process.  As the learner, you must explain and provide evidence to support your claim. If you wish to apply you should contact ADVANCED AESTHETICS INTERNATIONAL  Ltd who will offer advice and guidance on the range of evidence required to support a claim for credit through RPL. Once the evidence has been assessed, an individual learning and assessment plan for the specific unit or qualification can be agreed.

RPL may not necessarily be a time and money saving exercise.  The time required to collate the evidence required may be substantial and there may be some cost involved in its presentation.

Our RPL process is subject to the same quality assurance and monitoring standards as any other form of assessment.

Any decisions made by ADVANCED AESTHETICS INTERNATIONAL Ltd about RPL must be approved by our awarding body.

In assessing a unit using RPL the ADVANCED AESTHETICS INTERNATIONAL Ltd’s assessor must be satisfied that the evidence produced by the learner meets the assessment standard established by the learning outcome and its related assessment criteria.

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