PRP Platelet rich Plasma Course with Phlebotomy

Course Area: PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma with Phlebotomy included
Course Level: 5
Course Duration: 2 days inc 10 competency
Course Code: Private Certification
Entry Level Requirement:  Level 4
When does this course run? This course runs every week through our Suffolk centre and in-house available.
Maximum Class Size:1 on 1 training. Dates are conveniently arranged between you and your tutor at the time of booking and can be offered for holidays and weekends by request.

What will I need to bring? Notebook, Pencil, Wear Salon Attire. Centrifuge. if we are training in-house. if you come to us we provide it. We supply the kits necessary for gathering the platelets

The procedure is gaining popularity as therapists and clients are realizing the fantastic results that are achieved through PRP which can be applied to skin, hair and joints. We cover the foundation course of skin and take you through the complete procedure.

If we are training you in-house you will need a centrifuge and you will need to have already taken a phlebotomy course or join us for ours.  The course shows suitably qualified technicians how to take the blood and separate the platelets rich and poor and apply to the skin through minute injections and Dermapen.

Our kits are CE approved and manufactured in Europe. Necessary equipment not supplied is a centrifuge up to 4000rpm and a Dermapen, which can be supplied at a further charge.

Our PRP Course is private certification

Can I pay on finance or a payment plan?

Yes, this course is eligible for either finance or payment plan – Contact us for more details.