Plaxpot Plasma Skin Tightening Course


Course SubjectPlaxpot Plasma skin tightening course
Learning Level: Beginner to Advanced  
Entry Level: Non & Medical Professionals
Course Delivery: Online with live mentoring/optional practical 1 on 1 in Person
What’s included in the Price?: Plaxpot Plasma Arc device, ongoing support during & after.




Plaxpot Plasma Skin Tightening course

Why take this training course?
Plasma skin tightening is a very popular treatment and more people are now wanting it.  If you are not offering it you could be losing out. The treatment in many ways is lifechanging, without the need for surgery, stitches and immediate results with very little downtime.

Its an extremely lucrative treatment. The typical clinic charges /£500/$800 per hour (most procedures take 1 to 2 hours).  Some of our doctors are charging as much as $1800 per hour.
We are the exclusive distributors and the main trainers in the USA & UK. Our training will exceed your expectations. We take you through the steps to become a master practitioner on the Plaxpot. In a very short time, you will be able to offer:

Crows Feet and undereye skin tightening
Blepharoplasty Upper lid
Foreheads and frown lines
Smoker Lines and marionettes
Cheeks and Nasal Labials lifting
Loose skin on the Jowl and Neck Area
Pigmentation/Melia/Cysts/warts/Age Spots/ Mole/Skin Tag Removal
Smoothing out of wrinkles
Stomach Tightening and stretch marks removal/reduction
Scar rejuvenation
Lip Flips
Brow Lift
Face Lift

Our course is recognised as one of the most indepth informative learning experience for Plasma skin tightening – Train with the professionals 

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Online with Virtual practical, Online and in person practical