Plaxpot no dot method plasma skin tightening course


  • Level of course: Company Certificate
  • Included: this course does not include a kit you will need to own a Plaxpot Plasma Device
  • Covers: skin lifting/tightening/exfoliation/electroporation
  • For use by : Medical and Non-Medical Professionals


If you own the Plaxpot Plasma Arc Device or a similar device such as the Premium Plamere plasma pen and want to learn how to use the applicator tips this course is invaluable. 

We cover a variety of popular treatments in the course. 

Facial skin lifting -The Plaxpot plasma arc device is not the same as a microcurrent device, though many think it is. The Plaxpot does not need any conductive gel on the skin to work, that is the main difference, but also the device gives a much stronger effect on skin lifting in a much shorter space of time. One treatment can take approximately 20 minutes compared to a microcurrent treatment of 40 minutes plus and the effects for the client lasts longer.

The skin lifting motion is almost the same Radio Frequency but the big difference is the Plaxpot does not burn the skin if you hold it onto the skin, whereas the Radio Frequency devices can leave nasty burns if left in the same spot longer than one second.  Its a much safer way to treat the client and give better results.

You can also use the device to lift up buttocks/breasts and smooth out cellulite

Rejuvenation of the skin – working on the skin to remove the top layer through exfoliation but without any marks, leaving the skin ultra soft and wrinkle free

Electroporation – Opening up tiny microchannels in the skin to allow for better product absorption.

This is an add-on course for the Plaxpot plasma arc device.