Plamere Pen

£1,000.00 £800.00

The new electric arc plasma machine on the market specifically for beauticians/estheticians. This machine is the sister to the Plaxpot true Plasma arc Pen, made with the same high quality and precision. The Plamere is an electric arc machine (not a true plasma arc like the Plaxpot) what is the difference?

We get asked all the time what the difference is and how do we tell which is a true plasma machine….

  • The healing is completely different from a plasma arc machine, the patient heals much quicker, with less risk of scarring and pigmentation
  • and the machine can be used to light Fitz 5 skin tones (Asian skin is not included in this as it is particularly prone to hyperpigmentation) whereas the electric arc is only supposed to be used up to Fitz 3.
  • The procedure normally is just a 1-time procedure whereas, with electric arcs, it can take up to 3 times to achieve the same results.

The procedures that the Plamere is designed for

  • Acne treatments
  • Skin Lifting using the ball head
  • Electroporation using the ball or flat head
  • Removal of skin tags/small flat moles using the metal prongs


This machine is an original Plamere direct from authorized distributors. Beware of copies

The Plamere machine is perfect for anyone who is wanting to branch out into more advanced skin treatments.

For the functions of the device, please see the pictures below

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