Plamere Pen


The new plasma machine on the market specifically for level 3 or equivalent beauticians/estheticians. This machine is the sister to the Plaxpot and made with the same high quality and precision.



This is an original Plamere direct from authorised distributors. Beware of copies –

The Plamere machine is perfect for anyone who are wanting to branch out into more advanced skin treatments. We are training with this machine and offering a comprehensive course,  consisting of prestudy and practical days with us working on live models. You need to understand how the skin reacts and heals afterwards to be able to perform this procedure effectively.

Many machines on the market currently are burning and scarring people, due to poor training and low quality machines imported from China even when you are told they are made elsewhere like Germany or UK.. . Always ask for proof. We are a completely transparent training company offering qualified trainers, insurance when you train with and guidance during and after your training. Our machines come with a manufacturers guarantee and warranty and proof of the country where it was manufactured.  Proper education is vital in treatments of this nature, when you are working on peoples faces and bodies,  do not take shortcuts, if you harm them you will be in legal trouble and your unregulated trainer will have ridden off into the sunset.

Act responsibly, it is not about the training cost, even though we strive to be competitive, it is about the machine and the quality of training and most importantly who is training you, what is their experience and qualifications overall….  Do your homework and research, ask to see proof of when they qualified.. are they regulated? if so who by.. if not what is your recourse if you are not happy with the training/machine… many students come to us for retraining and cannot get refunds or return bad equipment.. it is sad but a fact of life that there are many “trainers” just trying to make a quick buck from what is one of the most profitable treatments currently available on the market today.

N.B. We do not train on this machine in the USA to anyone who is not a medical esthetician, PMU artist or under medical direction –

We train with this machine in UK and Spain

For the functions of the machine, please see the pictures below

If you have any questions please contact us