New Premium Plamere


  • New Premium Plamere
  • Included: 1 full kit
  • Manufacture: South Korea
  • Uses: Skin treatments
  • For use by:  Non-medical
  • Courses Available: Plamere skin tightening

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The New Premium Plamere is not a medical-grade device. It is for beauty therapists and is meant for beauty treatments such as controlling outbreaks of acne and skin lifting, electroporation for better product absorption into the skin, and sublimation on certain parts of the body. 

The new updated Premium Plamere model with a new detachable battery. It’s a great new feature giving you the ability to swap out to a spare battery should you need to. Also with new finer needles to give you a smaller dot and more accurate placement.

The new Premium Plamere electric arc plasma machine on the market specifically for Beauticians/Estheticians. This machine is the sister to the Plaxpot true Plasma arc Pen, made with the same high quality and precision.

It can be used for:

  • Crows Feet and undereye skin tightening
  • Smoker Lines
  • Loose skin on the Jowl and Neck Area
  • Pigmentation/Melia/Cysts/warts/Age Spots/ Mole/Skin Tag Removal
  • Smoothing out of wrinkles
  • Bellybutton area tightening
  • Lip Flips
  • No mark -Skin lifting similar to RF
  • Electroporation and Acne Treatments