Premium Plamere


  • Premium Plamere
  • CE marked
  • Made in South Korea
  • Original with model no


Premium Plamere is back in stock. Newest model with interchangeable battery. Needles are available in the shop. There are many fake Plameres on the market now from China. To combat this your Plamere is issued with a special model no that can authenticated as to whether it is real or not. 

We recommend the Plamere for beauticians who wish to 

  • Treat active Acne
  • Remove Skin tags/moles/pigmentation
  • Tighten loose skin on the face and neck (this does not include upper eyelids)
  • Wish to use electroporation for facial treatments.

We do not recommend electric arc devices such as the Plamere for use over the eyeball area. The arc of an electric device enters the skin deep down into the tissues, and therefore it must not be used over the eyeball area to remain a safe treatment for your client. 

We often get asked why the Plaxpot is a better device and the answer is apart from more sophisticated engineering and rigorous testing, the Plasma Arc instead of going straight down, hits the skin and spreads outwards minimising risk to the client of any permanent damage or hyperpigmentation, which is why we can treat more complicated areas and darker skins.