Colorwheel® Microblading Pigments


Colorwheel Pigments are designed especially for Microblading. Thick and creamy, our pigments are supplied in airless pump style bottles to make dispensing the pigment easy for you.

Available in 28 colors the range will suit any skin tone – Vibrant colors that stay bold with little fading and do not end up grey or orange in the skin. The colors are not premixed because we do not believe that one color can suit all tones. In order to determine which nuance suits your client, our pigments are marked blue for cool tones and orange for warm tones, allowing you to mix accordingly to the tone of your clients skin. If you have completed training you should understand how to mix colors but should you experience trouble in mixing or choosing colors, our experienced team is available to assist via email and photographs of your clients.

Each bottle is 12ml and has over 60 pumps, on average you will use 2-3 pumps per client so they represent excellent value for money.

Each of our pigments have sterile certificates and are Dermatested to prove safe for use on humans. These pigments do not contain harmful metals and minerals like many other pigments do. Store in a cool, dry place. If you are in a hot country store in a dark cool cupboard to avoid the pigment drying out and blocking up the pump in the bottle.


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