Innobelle Dermal Fillers



Inobelle Dermal fillers are manufactured in Korea, holds a CE certificate, and are effective and long-lasting dermal fillers.

In the range, we can offer S soft which is for, lips and fine lines, D for  Lips and deeper wrinkles, Nasal Labials and Marionettes and V which is for Volume in a 10ml syringe to give complete facelifts in cheeks, jawline and any area in the body that requires a volumizing effect. N is for nose reshaping and the chin to create the V shape. All dermal fillers are to be used responsibly. Please do not purchase this product unless you are a trained professional.

Each dermal filler contains 2 x needles and 1ml of the product apart from V type this is 10ml and ideal for the new Hydura pen.

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This filler is for use also with the Hydurapen for non-needle dermal filler.

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Filler Type

D (Deep), V (Volume), S (Soft), N (Nose & Chin)