Global Mesotherapy Complex


  • Global Mesotherapy Complex
  • Included: 1 x box
  • Manufacture: Italy
  • Uses: Mesotherapy techniques used to revitalise tired skin
  • For use by: Aestheticians upwards
  • Courses Available: Coming soon is our mesotherapy facial course


Global Mesotherapy Complex

Global Mesotherapy Complex  show amazing anti-ageing results, and guarantees the correct maintenance of the skin’s quality, fighting effectively against skin flaccidity. It is comprised of homogeneous and effective mixtures that do not have any risk of adverse reactions.
Its results will adapt perfectly to any kind of skin, fighting against ageing effects (reduction of collagen fibres and alteration of the micro circulation). Global Meso Complex is an excellent technique to stimulate and revitalise the skin, enabling the treatment of wrinkled, tired, weakened and fragile skins, as well as sun-damaged or very dehydrated skin.


– Prevention and treatment anti-aging
– Improves stressed skin
– Medium and deep wrinkles
– Flaccidity and loss skin density
– Dull and opaque skin
– Loss of skin tone from the face and neck
– Moisturizing with toning effect


Sodium PCA, Amino acids, Vitamins

(1 box = 10 vials of 5mL e.a.)
Actives HA 1%, retinol, 21 aminoacids, multivitamins
Indications anti-aging
Results moisturing effect and tone
Impact ingredients HA