Course Area: Fibroblast Plasma Lift skin tightening course for level 4 beauticians/estheticians using the Plamere device
Course Level: Company certificate
Course Duration: Prestudy – 2 full days in clinic and home-study/ or online and virtual 1 on 1
Entry Level: We accept therapists with level 4 beauty experience/PMU/Microneedling/Lasers/ estheticians

Price includes the Plamere and certificate and  tuition with ongoing support



The Premium Plamere is designed for beauticians/estheticians and is not a medical device and is suitable to be used by level 3 upwards and estheticians. Plamere Multifunction Pen –is an electric arc device.  The Premium Plamere is a very popular machine in the industry, FDA registered with a CE certificate, and light and wireless.  It has many functions, listed below and is easy to use. Accessories -Acne Tip, Permeating Tip, RF Tip, and Prongs x 2. It now also has a detachable battery so you can have spares that are already charged up so your treatment can continue without the worry of the battery failing.

This procedure is the next big offer to your clients. Everybody is talking about this wonderful new treatment known as “Fibroblast, Fibroblast pro, plasma pen, Plasma lift skin tightening”. It offers clients the option of getting rid of wrinkles and will lift skin without the need for surgery, permanently and relatively painlessly. It is non-surgical and non-invasive treatment and although not as long lasting as the surgical method for anyone wanting to avoid the scalpel it is a viable option.

Areas it can treat

  • Crows Feet and undereye skin tightening
    Blepharoplasty Upper lid (not over the eyeball area)
    Frown lines
    Smoker Lines
    Loose skin on the Neck Area
    Pigmentation/Melia/Cysts/warts/Age Spots/ Mole/Skin Tag Removal
    Smoothing out of wrinkles
    Stomach Tightening
    Scar rejuvenation
    Lip Flips
    Nose Correction
    Raised Scars
    No mark -Skin lifting similar to RF

Additional information


Online with virtual 1 on 1, Online & Inclinic 1 on 1