Colorwheel Collection Q100 Needles


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Sealed needles to fit the Colorwheel Collection  Intelligent PMU machine.

Sold in boxes of 10. We can mix a box up if you prefer a variety you need to email us after you have placed your order with your variation. This does not include the SF needles.

Each needle has individual wrapping with lot no and expiry date on the seal. Each pack is quality checked before we ship them to you.

These are very high quality needles and the smallest 1 round is suitable for scalp Micropigmentation and fine hair stroke.

Round Liners can be used for lining lips and eyeliner and powder eyebrows

Round Shadows can be used for filling in Lips, Eyebrows and eyeliners,Areolas and camouflage. but will heal to a soft powder effect so if you are wanting straight edges for finish you would use the liners.

Stroke flats are used for eyebrow hairstroke effect

Flats are used for shading and filling in lips and Eyebrows, Areolas and camouflage.