Plamere Plasma Pen Skin Tightening

Plamere Plasma Pen Skin Tightening
Plamere Plasma Pen Skin Tightening machines and courses

What is Plasma Pen?

The Plasma Pen, also known as Plasma Lift Skin Tightening or Fibroblast Tightening is a non-surgical device and technique that is used to tighten and smooth skin naturally. Fibroblast Plasma Pen device is used to perform Fibroblast Therapy, which is a technique used to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. 

How does a Plamere Plasma Pen Work?

The plasma significantly tightens, lifts, resurfaces and regenerates practically any area of the skinPlasma Pen converts electrical energy into gaseous diatomic molecular nitrogen and transmits that energized gas in a non-contact way to the skin’s surface from above

What does Plasma Fibroblast do?

Fibroblast Skin Tightening. Fibroblast is the only cosmetic treatment to use plasma to reduce the volume of excess skin. Low risk, minimal downtime and more affordable than surgery. Fibroblast Treatment is known for its success with Non-Surgical Eye Lifts, Tummy Tightening, Neck Tightening and so much more.

How long does this skin tightening procedure work for?

The effects should last as long as they would with invasive surgery. The results can last you years depending on the area treated. The positive effects of treatment will be noticeable immediately after the first treatment, but the best results will be seen after 4 weeks.

Can I train in the use of Plamere Pen?

Advanced Aesthetics International has a wide range of courses for Plamere, Plaxpot and Fibroblast training. We also offer help with financing your Plamere, Plaxpot and Fibroblast training courses. You can pay while you train. This helps to spread the burden of costs over a much more affordable time.

VTCT Skin Tightening Courses

Please visit our main website pages and check out the wide and varied range of courses on offer. If you need more information, help to choose a course, finance explanation or anything else to with Plaxpot, Plamere, Fibroblast, Skin Tightening or other surgical and non-surgical procedures, please contact us, we will be delighted to help.