PDO Threads

PDO Threads for Beginners

Course Area: PDO Threads for Beginners – Face
Course Level: Company certificate
Course Duration: Prestudy – 1 full day in clinic
Entry Level: We accept practitioners who have CQC premises (needed for insurance)

Locations :

UK – book Private training 1 on 1 or 2 ..we come to you..book your date with our trainers to come to your facility at your convenience. We cover the UK and Ireland.

Turkey – Train in Beginners and Advanced Spiderweb Technique with Doctors contact us for pricing

The most comprehensive course for beginners wishing to enter into the world of threads and facial lifting techniques.  Our thread course will include and cover

  • Client Consultation
  • Different Skin Types and Contraindications
  • The different types of threads and their preferred uses
  • Working on live models
  • Theory and takeaway comprehensive manual and kit

Contact us to book your training date