Ombre Shade & Blade Machine and Manual Method

Course Area: Ombre Shade & Blade Machine and Manual Method
Course Type: Full time
Course Level: 4
Course Duration: 1 day
Course Code: Private certification
Entry Level Requirement: Level 3 Microblading
When does this course run? This course runs every week throughout all centres.
Maximum Class Size ? 2 Persons
What will I need to bring? Notebook, Pencil, Wear Salon Attire Kit included

This course is open to learners who have already trained in Microblading and just wish to expand their skills to performing an Ombre brow using the manual and machine method. If you do not wish to learn the machine then this can be adapted to just microshading using the manual tool.

You will learn how to shade with a round needle or manual tool blade. and hairstrokes to achieve a combined look with color variation.

Can I pay on finance or a payment plan?

Yes, this course is eligible for either finance or payment plan – Contact us for more details.