Dermal inject and pen Mesotherapy course

Course Area: Skin Needling and Mesotherapy
Course Level: 4
Course Duration: 4 days
Course Code: Private certification
Entry Level Requirement: Level 3
When does this course run? This course runs every week throughout all centres and in-house training.
Maximum Class Size? 2 Persons
What do I need to bring? Just yourself!


Skin needling is gaining recognition for being a beneficial treatment for all kinds of skin problems, such as acne scarring, wrinkles and complexion.

This is an advanced course suitable for students who are level 4, or who have taken dermal fillers, prp and who have experience of injecting. This is not using dermal rollers,  we use micro injections into the skin and also dermal pens that push product such as serums, vitamins, and natural extracts into the middle layer of the skin.  This is a popular treatment for clients looking for skin rejuvenation, improved skin tone and to help the skin to plump up again.

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