PRP – Vampire Facial Course


PRP – Vampire Facial Course

The procedure is gaining popularity as therapists and clients are realizing the fantastic results that are achieved through PRP which can be applied to skin, hair and joints. We cover the foundation course of skin and take you through the complete procedure.

PRP – Vampire Facial  – when we are training you in-house you will need a centrifuge and you will need to have already taken a phlebotomy course or join us for ours. 

The course shows suitably qualified technicians how to take the blood and separate the platelets rich and poor and apply to the skin through minute injections and Dermapen.

Our kits are CE approved. Necessary equipment not supplied is a centrifuge up to 4000rpm and a Dermapen, which can be supplied at a further charge.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn an advanced procedure in Aesthetics
  • Learn how to rejuvenate Skin

Topics for this course

24 Lessons


Benefits of PRP
What is PRP?
PRF Platelets Rich Fibrin Matrix
PRP :Mechanism of action
PRP – Platelets Rich Plasma Wide Range of Applications
Growth Factors

Process of PRP Therapy


Preparation what you need to know

PRP – Vampire Facial Course

Material Includes

  • PRP kits
  • Certificate of Training
  • Support during and after course


  • Computer/Tablet/
  • Command of English

Target Audience

  • Advanced Aestheticians
  • Phlebotomists
  • Beauty Therapists Level 3