Plaxpot Plasma Skin Tightening Beginner Course

About Course

Start as a beginner - end as an skilled practitioner in Plasma Skin Tightening. Learn the full range of procedures, mastering even complicated treatments with our step by step guide.


Plaxpot Plasma Skin Tightening Course. Learn Plasma skin tightening from the top trainers with the medical-grade Plaxpot Plasma Arc device.   Through our in-depth training, you may start a beginner but you will end up mastering the Plaxpot Plasma treatments like a pro. The Plaxpot has medical device status but is still available to non-medics. 

The Plaxpot plasma arc device is an amazing aesthetic tool to have in your practice. Face-lifting-Body lifting- the sublimation of loose skin- non-surgical Blepharoplasty – Increasing lip size – It brings a whole range of new treatments for your clients to choose from.

Many Doctors are now realising that training their staff to use the Plaxpot takes a lot of work off their desk. Performing non-surgical treatments you do not need to have a medical background, but in some countries such as the USA, you may need a doctor to oversee your treatments, check your state beforehand so you are prepared.  Dermatologists – skin specialists can use it to remove skin vegetations, moles, skin tags and help resolve bacteria that causes acne. Aestheticians can perform treatments that they never would have been able to Facelifts, Eyelid blepharoplasty, Neck lifts, Breast lifts, with proper training you can help your clients without them having to pay for expensive surgeries.

The Plaxpot is here to stay, it’s only a matter of time before you realise you need it in your aesthetic beauty business. Book now into the Plaxpot Plasma Skin Tightening Course and you will never look back.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn Plasma Skin Tightening
  • 30 CPD points
  • Full Support
  • 1 on virtual or in-person training

Topics for this course

30 Lessons

Student Enrolment

Enrolment & Introduction

Introduction to Plasma Skin Tightening

Health & Safety


Client Consultation

Anatomy of the skin

Healing & Aftercare

Products we recommend

Plaxpot – your device

Lets get started

Procedure List

Questions to complete for certification

Plaxpot plasma beginner

Material Includes

  • Plaxpot Device Plasma Pen
  • Written Manual as well as online
  • Online support & mentoring


  • PC/Laptop/Tablet
  • Industry Professionals

Target Audience

  • Aestheticians (UK)
  • Estheticians (USA)
  • Medical Professionals
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