Aftercare PDO Threads

  1. Apply SPF30 + and avoid direct sunlight & tanning machines to prevent post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).
  2. Gently wash the treated areas on the same day but do not rub or massage the face for two weeks.
  3. Do not open mouth too wide for 3-4 weeks if treated in that area (avoid dental treatment for two weeks if possible)
  4. A stinging or “pulling” pain or discomfort is normal. Take Tylenol 500 mg 1-2 tablets every 6 hours as directed. Avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medication such as Naproxen or Ibuprofen, because inflammation is necessary to initiate the new collagen formation process. Ibuprofen and similar medications will suppress this process.
  5. Avoid alcohol and anticoagulant medicines (aspirin, unless prescribed for medical indications) for seven days.
  6. Avoid blood ‘thinning’ vitamins C, A & E for seven days.
  7. Avoid temperature extremes, such as a sauna or a very cold climate for ten days.
  8. Avoid physical exercise for seven days post-procedure.
  9. Avoid having Radio Frequency (RF) or any heat-producing device (laser, IPL, etc.) treatments of the thread treated areas for at least ten weeks.
  10. Anti-inflammatory medication may be taken after seven days.
  11. The patient must finish the course of antibiotics if prescribed as part of the treatment protocol.
  12. Stinging or “Pulling” pain discomfort is normal; this will subside over two weeks.
  13. The scratchy sensation is normal; this will subside over two weeks.
  14. Stinging, “Pulling,” scratchy sensations will all disappear by week 5.
  15. Possible complications may include infection, swelling, bruising, foreign body reaction in the epidermis (granuloma), and protrusion. Extremely rare, temporary facial nerve fall out may occur due to local anaesthetic, swelling, hematoma or pressure of the cannula or thread on the nerve. Your practitioner MUST be informed immediately if any facial nerve fallout is experienced and if your practitioner can’t be reached, then go immediately to the Emergency Department.
  16. Follow up examination seven days later.
  17. Combination with other procedures from 7 days onwards: PRP, MicroPen, fillers. Plasma pen
  18. Follow up photography at 1-month post-treatment. Note: treatment of untreated areas may be initiated at any time.
  19. Attend a follow-up appointment at three months post-procedure.